From a stage framed by the burning Olympic torch atop the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum’s peristyle arch, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders held a rally Saturday, June 4th, saying that he is the Democrats’ best choice to defeat Republican Donald Trump this November.

Sanders addressed over 13,500 cheering supporters that covered the Coliseum’s Olympic Plaza on the final weekend before California Democrats go to the polls to elect 475 pledged delegates, June 7th.

“I hope that the delegates going to the Democratic National Convention understand that in virtually every state poll we do much better against Donald Trump than Secretary Clinton,” Sanders said. “If the delegates at the Democratic National Convention want to make sure we defeat Trump and defeat him badly we are the candidate to do that.”

Since mid-May he has drawn large crowds, more than 211,000 Californians to hear him at rallies, as at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

“Our campaign has the energy, the grassroots activism to make certain that in November we have a large voter turnout. And when people have something to vote for rather than just against, progressives and Democrats win.”