The Memorial Court of Honor, located within the iconic Peristyle arches, is comprised of 64 commemorative plaques chronicling outstanding persons or events, athletic or otherwise, that have had a definite impact upon the history, glory and growth of the Coliseum.

List of Honorees

Community Development AssociationFounders1932View Photo
William May GarlandContributor1949View Photo
Knute RockneCoach1955View Photo
Charles W. PaddockAthlete1955View Photo
Judge William M. BowenContributor1955View Photo
Howard Harding JonesCoach1955View Photo
Glenn Scobey “Pop” WarnerCoach1956View Photo
Andrew Latham “Andy” SmithCoach1956View Photo
Paul Hoy HelmsContributor1958View Photo
Pierre de CoubertinContributor1958View Photo
Henry Russell “Red” SandersCoach1959View Photo
Newell “Jeff” CravathCoach1960View Photo
Dodgers World SeriesEvent1961View Photo
Mercy BowlEvent1961View Photo
Mildred “Babe” DidricksonAthlete1961View Photo
Dean Bartlette CromwellCoach1963View Photo
Jesse P. MortensenAthlete1963View Photo
John F. KennedyContributor / Event1964View Photo
Count Baillet-LatourContributor1964View Photo
Billy Graham CrusadeEvent1965View Photo
Amos Alonzo StaggCoach1965View Photo
James Francis Cardinal McIntyreContributor / Event1966View Photo
50th Anniversary of ArmisticeEvent1969View Photo
Coliseum Commission (1933-44)Contributor1970View Photo
Coliseum Commission (1945-1970)Contributor1970View Photo
William Henry "Bill" SpauldingCoach1971View Photo
Elmer “Gus” HendersonCoach1971View Photo
John Jewett GarlandContributor1972View Photo
Daniel Farrell ReevesContributor1972View Photo
Kenneth Stanley WashingtonAthlete1972View Photo
Francis “Frank” LeahyCoach1974View Photo
Brice Union TaylorAthlete1975View Photo
Coliseum Commission – 1984 OlympicsContributor1984View Photo
James Cleveland “Jesse” OwensAthlete1984View Photo
J.D. MorganContributor1984View Photo
Israeli Olympic AthletesAthletes1984View Photo
Pope John Paul IIEvent1987View Photo
William Henry "Bill" NicholasContributor1990View Photo
W.R. “Bill” SchroederContributor1990View Photo
Kenneth F. HahnContributor1993View Photo
Pete RozelleContributor1998View Photo
Coliseum Commission (1971-1998) (75th Anniversary of Coliseum)Contributor / Event1998View Photo
Earthquake RestorationEvent1999View Photo
Jim MurrayJournalist1999View Photo
John FerraroAthlete / Contributor2000View Photo
John McKayCoach2001View Photo
Coliseum Track and Field RecordsEvent2002View Photo
John C. ArgueContributor2004View Photo
Jackie RobinsonAthlete2005View Photo
Elroy “Crazy Legs” HirschAthlete2005View Photo
USC All-Americans (1880-2005)Athletes2007View Photo
Rams 70th ReunionEvent2007View Photo
Vin ScullySportscaster2008View Photo
John R. WoodenCoach2008View Photo
Walter F. O’MalleyContributor2008View Photo
Elgin Baylor and Jerry WestAthletes2009View Photo
Rafer JohnsonAthlete2009View Photo
Coliseum Commission Restoration (1923)Contributor2013View Photo
Nelson Rolihlahla MandelaContributor2014View Photo
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street BandMusician2016View Photo
Anita L. DeFrantzAthlete2017View Photo
Joan Benoit SamuelsonAthlete2017View Photo
Thomas "Tom" BradleyContributor2019View Photo
Rosalind "Roz" WymanContributor2021View Photo
Thomas "Tom" LaBongeContributor2022View Photo
Peter V. UeberrothContributor2022View Photo