About the Event

The pupusa is the signature dish from El Salvador and has become a beloved treat in Southern California and throughout the United States, thanks to Salvadoran newcomers. On Sunday, July 14, from 12 PM to 7:30 PM, the Los Angeles Coliseum will host a vibrant event featuring a variety of delicious pupusas.

Vendors will offer traditional pupusas such as Revueltas, filled with cheese and chicharrĂ³n, as well as simpler varieties like De Queso, stuffed with cheese, and De Frijoles, filled with refried beans. There will also be exotic options, including shrimp and fish-stuffed pupusas. All pupusas are served with natural tomato sauce and pickled cabbage.

In addition to the culinary delights, attendees can enjoy a fun-filled day with games for kids and live music performances. The event will be headlined by the internationally renowned Oro Solido from the Dominican Republic. Other musical acts include La Maquina and Espiritu Libre from El Salvador. Special guest La Tenchi, a popular stand-up comedian known for jokes enjoyed by all, will also make an appearance.

Come and enjoy a great day of food, entertainment, and community!