About eight men and women move across the field at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, then through the building’s 42 luxury suites, the 499-capacity 1923 Club, named for the year the venue opened, all while hearing about the 100-year-old stadium’s capabilities, amenities, history and possibilities.

But this June visit is no $20 public tour. It’s a contingent from a Lucha Libre wrestling outfit, sizing up the place for a prospective booking. If all goes to plan, acrobatic masked Luchadores will be soaring through the Coliseum’s rarefied autumn air.

The event would have to be slotted between USC Trojans football games and the other concerts and special events that regularly take place at the Coliseum.

As it celebrates its 100th anniversary, the Coliseum remains a major part of Los Angeles’ cultural and economic life, according to some venues industry veterans closely associated with the landmark.

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