One of the great feelings shared by the public of Los Bukis is the sincere affection and strong admiration they feel for each of the members of the famous group made up of its 7 musketeers: Roberto Guadarrama, Joel Solís, Javier Solís, Pedro Sánchez, Eusebio “Chivo” Cortés, José Guadarrama and their vocal leader, Marco Antonio Solís.

Some of the fans present could not attend either of the two concerts that the group offered last year at SoFi Stadium, others did have the opportunity and wanted to return to this second round to continue enjoying the “Bukimanía” that awoke with the return of the group 25 years later.

However, what could have been a perfect night ended up being a perfectly unforgettable and emotional evening, even with the detail of an unfortunate incident that worried the more than 50,000 souls who were present on Thursday night at the legendary stadium of Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.